Holiday Twists


Bright lights, decorated snowmen, reindeers are popping out of every corner, signaling that it’s that wonderful time of the year, again! For sure, parties and events venues in Maryland will be full as families celebrate. So make sure to start planning as early as now before the holiday craze settles into everyone. To keep that holiday spirit going in you, try these unique twists for you and your family:

  • Make an Edible Christmas Tree
    Yes, you heard it right! You might be the first one in the neighborhood. So, try making one, even a small one, and make it a family tradition. Never forget to take a picture and challenge other families to do the same.
  • Play Holiday Games
    It might seem like an ordinary feat this holiday, but since we have been distancing socially and staying at home for a long time because of the pandemic, your kids will surely love it! Playing is physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy for the kids. If you are worried about safety, you can always let them enjoy an indoor playground in Owings Mills, Maryland.
  • Holiday-Themed Party
    Who says you only dress up for Halloween parties? Invite your kid’s friends and see who dresses up like Santa, a gingerbread man, or even a reindeer! It will create a happy memory for your kids. Hyper Kidz – Baltimore Location offers rooms with different themes that adhere to international quality and standards. Check them out!

Even if you and your family choose to stay at home, travel, or hit a playground in Baltimore, Maryland, always ensure safety. You can always add a twist to your holiday activities as long as everyone is safe. So, start thinking of your Christmas tree design now or how to dress up your kids like a reindeer!

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