Keeping It Safe on Your Kid’s Party

Keeping It Safe on Your Kid’s Party

We all know how the coronavirus pandemic hit us hard since last year. And now that the scare of the Delta variant to kids is rampant, we have to put our guards up. However, we should not also put our children’s happiness into compromise. That is why we suggest you follow these tips during your celebrations in our Parties and Events Venue in Maryland.

  • Observe proper hygiene.

    Instruct the parents of your child’s guests to do handwashing and sanitizing before, during, and after mingling with other kids. That is the most basic protection we can give to them.

  • Guard up with masks.

    Keep using face masks when inside an Indoor Playground in Owings Mills, Maryland. Politely ask the parents and children not to remove them – in such a way they will not be offended.

  • Have a guest list.

    List down your participants. Consider inviting only the closest friends for now. Knowing who your attendees are will also make contact tracing easier in case someone will test positive.

As much as we want to keep and develop the children’s social and motor skills, we at the Hyper Kidz – Baltimore Location also aim for their safety. If we follow protocols, celebrations will be much enjoyable and worry-free. So when you plan to play in our Playground in Baltimore, Maryland, you know what to do for your family and guests’ protection.

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